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Social Buttons

You want those fancy social Buttons I have here on the left? Well, you can have them!
They are included with the Sprachkonstrukt2 Theme.

And this is how you set them up:

  1. Create a new Custom Menu
  2. Add Links to your social network profiles or your RSS feed
  3. Set the Title of your link accordingly
  4. Set the ”Social Buttons“ Menu to your created Menu
  5. Save it

It should look like this:

Currently, the following Icons are available:

  • RSS-Feed-Icon – Title: RSS
  • Twitter – Title: Twitter
  • Facebook – Title: Facebook
  • Xing – Title: Xing
  • Flickr – Title: Flickr
  • Google+ – Title: Google
  • YouTube – Title: YouTube
  • LinkedIn – Title: LinkedIn
  • 500px – Title: 500px

Note, that only the title attributes determine which Icon is shown.
If you add a link with a title different from the ones above, the link is not shown.