a dark, html5-based wordpress theme

About The Theme

Sprachkonstrukt2 is a theme I used on my blog, sprachkonstrukt.de, for quite a time. I added more and more features and finally decided to make it public to everyone.

The focus is on a simple UI and modern techniques like HTML5 and CSS3. For example, the shadow of the main menu font and the sidebar background’s rounded corners are made with CSS3, while the main menu itself is using the HTML5-Tag <nav> to add semantic meaning to the code. Of course, old browsers may have some problems with these new techniques, but they should still display the site properly – it may just not look so good.

Sprachkonstrukt2 comes with two special features, a social network tab bar and a custom, simple archive widget. You can use them if you want, or just don’t.
The new wordpress features are be supported as well, like custom menues or custom headers (and widgets, of course).
If you like to change something, feel free to create a child theme.